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About EnergyVest

12 innovative and promising startup companies in Israel!

EnergyVest is an Eilat-Eilot Pre-Conference for investors.

Hear and learn about the new technological breakthroughs that the Israeli energy innovation industry has to offer!

Join us for this exciting brainstorming event presenting the challenges and solutions facing the energy innovation investment community and have the opportunity to get introduced with innovative Israeli entrepreneurs, local and international investors and government officials!

Israel NewTech and the Investment Promotion Center in association with Eilat Eilot Green Energy 2014, cordially invite you to the first EnergyVest Summit 2014 to be held on Sunday, December 7, 2014 at the Dan Eilat Hotel from 17:00-20:30 (subject to change).


Presenting Companies


AugWind is a startup company based in Israel funded by private companies and the government of Israel. Augwind had developed a highly cost effective pressurized tank which is 20x more cost effective than existing steel/carbon fiber tanks. Augwind novel tank enabled for the first time a development of a utility/commercial scale energy storage solution which is significantly below 100$/KW-hr.


Ecoppia designs and produces innovative photovoltaic panel cleaning solutions to cost-effectively maximize the performance of utility-scale installations. The company’s water-free, automated technology removes dust from panels on a daily basis to ensure peak output, even in the toughest desert conditions. Supported by a robust control unit, systems can be remotely programmed and managed to minimize O&M costs. Ecoppia is a privately held organization, backed by experienced international investment funds and led by a team of energy and robotics experts.


enVerid Systems offers a proven, patented double-digit energy saving technology for HVAC in commercial buildings.  Its modular retrofit product addresses a market of $10’s of billions, with a consumable cartridge-based recurring revenue business model.  enVerid has partnered with major multinationals and its products are already being sold worldwide through high profile partnerships in the HVAC industry.


GEM Solar develops a novel technology which enables the saving of half the amount of the Silicon used for PV c-Si PV wafers production, thereby significantly reducing their price, by introducing a novel kerf-less wafers manufacturing technology.


GreenOS™ is an HVAC operating system that saves money on energy bills. GreenOS™ studies the thermal behavior of buildings and automatically builds optimized operating profiles for efficient operation. GreenOS™ can be easily installed over any infrastructure.


Linum Systems has developed a hybrid air conditioner ,powered by heat (solar or any waste heat) and / or electricity and providing cooling, heating and water heating, while saving as much as 50%  of energy costs.


PDP Technologies

PDP Technologies is developing a system for remotely & on-line monitoring and analysis of PD (Partial Discharge) in High Voltage equipment (transformers, switchgears etc.), to optimize both maintenance cost and reliability of electrical substation.


Secure Networking for Critical Infrastructure.
RADiFlow developed an application-aware deep-packet-inspection (DPI) software engine optimized for automation protocols that runs on a combination of distributed site gateways and a central server. Our IPS solution is using a combined logic of user-authentication and state-full DPI to provide role-based validation of the automation sessions at each distributed site ensuring that any abnormal activity in the internal network blocked.


Roadix LTD is working on the development of an innovative personal vehicle called MUVe, which offers the user the ability to move around freely and safely in the urban environment without having to worry about parking space, gas prices or traffic. The MUVe is characterized by a unique folding structure that ensures stable and secure ride, fast folding and carrying capacity similar to a trolley suitcase.


SolView – online platform for automatic estimation of rooftop solar energy potential and virtual canvassing and lead qualification. Platform is utilized to target solar marketing, increase conversion rates and reduce costs for solar customers.
With some of the leading players in the industry already utilizing its game changing technology, SolView’s analytics are helping the booming US solar market intelligently target the right prospects, and tackle the key problem of customer acquisition costs.



The vision of this project is the creation of a network of compact, automated vending machines that can easily be installed in urban locations, without any special infrastructure, serving as switching stations for electric scooter users to easily exchange an empty battery for a full one.


TIGI developed a new type of solar thermal collector that shows very high efficiency and short IRR for the world's largest end use of energy: heat for space heating and domestic use, even in cold countries as well as for industrial process up to the boil, year round. Early sales.



Government Offices