Where investors meet startups

The concept

EnergyVest is a pre-conference event offering global investors a unique framework to discuss investment opportunities with the country’s leading renewable energy entrepreneurs

What you gain

Interact with Israel’s leading renewable energy technology companies. Get to know new and upcoming sustainable energy tech companies looking for strategic investments and partnerships.

Who will attend

Investment bankers, heads of strategic investment divisions at large corporations, venture capitalists and angel investors from across the Middle EastNorth AmericaEurope and Asia.

Featured Startups from the last conference of 2018


Cloud based transport optimization. Smart freight exchange to improve efficiency & profitability.


Automated AI agent that predicts, optimizes and trades energy produced behind-the-meter.


Groundbreaking Ice TES storage that is cost effective, flexible, anddurable.


AI Diagnostics for Solar Energy. analyze existing data to predict profitability.


Solar lighting that collects sunlight throughout the day and effectively channels it into desired spaces.

Prisma Photonics

Fiber sensors that can turn existing, already installed, optical communication fibers into cost-effective monitoring solutions with capabilities never possible before


100% penetration of renewable energy into the power grid.


Compressed air storage solution for industrial plants with 1.5-2.5 years payback period.

MADA Analytics

Integrates power markets, process engineering, and financial expertise in a single SaaS solution to illuminate how wind, PV, and hybrid wind-PV projects can capitalize on energy storage.

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View the clean tech companies that were featured in the 2018 EnergyVest pre-conference event.