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Professional Tour Day Schedule November 8th 2020

Meet at Arlozorov bus/train station
Departure from Arlozorov bus/train station
Opening ceremony and tour of the Timna solar field.
Arrive at hotel in Eilat
registration for conference and refreshments.

2018 - Speakers

Dorit Banet
Udi Adiri
Avi Brenmiller
Ron Adam
Eitan Parnass
Richard Adams
Dr. Shlomo Wald
Marty Sedler
Jonathan Haran
Reiko A. Kerr
Dr. Moshe Tshuva
Dan Schneier
Igal Klen
Noam Ilan
Jonathan Robinson
Yashar Ben-Mordechai
Elad Shaviv
Nurit Gal
Yuval Zohar
Dr. Lars Podlowski
Alessandro Steffanoni
Gil Shaki
Oded Rozenberg
Doron Frenkel
Louis C. Ting
Honi Kabalo
Asaf Eilat
Frank Armijo
Tracy West
Yosef Abramowitz
Tim Marahrens
Francois Sonnet
Ragnvald Naero
Sebnem Rusitschka
Naama Altman
Arieh Doobov
Carolina Barreto
James Maillu
Yuval Steinitz
Lior Handelsman
Limor Nakar-Vincent
Yair Teller
Andrew Herscowitz
Orit Marom
Yiftah Ron-Tal
Luca Matrone
Alain Chateau
Hanan Ginat
Hagit Freud
Maya Jacobs
Navot Bar
Todd Brady
Boris Mints
Dr. Giovanni De Santi
Leehe Skuler
Oren Ezer
Boaz Wachtel
Benjamin Attia
Gideon Friedmann
Ilan Ben David
Alanus von Radecki
Derek Grassman

2018 - Program

Sunday December 2nd

7:00 – 20:00

Partnered by:

Professional Tour in Renewable Energy Facilities
Pick-up from Arlozorov central bus station in Tel Aviv

  • The Ashalim Thermo-Solar Power Station
  • Brenmiller Storage Test Field at Rotem Park
  • Off-Grid Technologies Hub
  • Reception
  • Transfers to Dan Eilat Hotel

Limited Seats!

Number of seats is limited to 100. Please make sure you reserve yours ASAP.

The tour is fully booked. 

Monday December 3rd


Refreshments and Registration

Lobby, Dan Eilat Hotel


Opening Session

Chair: Dorit Banet & Noam Ilan
Big Blue Hall

Dr. Yuval Steinitz Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources.

Yisrael Danziger, Environment Ministry Director

Yiftah Ron-Tal, Chairman, Israel Electric Corporation.

Meir Yitzhak Halevi, Mayor of Eilat.

Hanan Ginat, Mayor of Eilot Regional Council.

Andrew Herscowitz, Power Africa’s Coordinator

Boris Mints. President of Mints Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions to Global Challenges and TA University Honorary Fellow

11:00 – 11:40

Israeli Government Renewable Energy Policy

Interview by Eran Bar Tal, Economics Editor, Israel Hayom

Udi Adiri, Director General, Ministry of Energy

Asaf Eilat, Chairman, PUA


Comments by MK Yael Cohen Paran, Israeli Knesset


Storage and Peak Shaving – The Future of RE and the Real Alternative to Fossil Peakers and New Transmission lines

Moderator: Yossi Abramovitch, President, Energia Global

Frank Armijo, Vice President Energy, Lockheed Martin

Jonathan Robinson, Principal Consultant, Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan

Avi Brenmiller, CEO, Brenmiller Energy 

Lior Handelsman, VP Business Development and Co-founder, Solar Edge

Ayalon Vaniche, CEO, EDF EN Israel

Ed Wise, President, ESS at Romeo Power

13:00 – 14:15

Lunch & Visit the Exhibition

14:15 – 15:30

Leading Israeli Technologies in the Off-Grid Sector 

Chair: Hagit Freud, Pears Program

Dr. Moshe Tshuva, Tethys Solar Desalination

Rafi Brum, CEO, Agro-Solar

Yair Teller, CEO and Founder, HomeBioGas

Yoni Haran, CEO, Sustainability Group

Oded Rozenberg, ApolloPower

Boaz Wachtel, CEO, Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies

On the Way to Meeting the Goals – New Momentum in the Israeli PV Industry

Chair: Eitan Parnass, Green Energy Association of Israel

Nurit Gal, PUA

Marti Sedler, Director of Global Utilities & Infrastructure, Intel

Navot Bar, CEO, Shikun and Binui Renewable Energy – ‘What the Regulator Should Know’.

Zafrir Yoeli, Enlight Renewable Energy

Shahar Ben Moyal, CEO, Meshakim Partners

Eyal Biger, Founder, The Good Energy initiative

Honi Kabalo, PUA

15:30 – 16:30

How to Introduce Innovative Technology Solutions in Off-grid Markets

Chair: Leehe Skuler, Deloitte

Dorit Banet, Eilat-Eilot Renewable-Energy Initiative’s CEO and Ron Yariv, Business Development Manager, Amiran Kenya. ‘Overview of Eilat Eilot Off-grid hub and operating model in Kenya’.

James Maillu, Renewable Energy Program Manager, TechnoServe, Kenya: ‘How TechnoServe works with communities and corporations to introduces technologies in remote areas (energy, water and agriculture)’.

Arieh Doobov, Director of Tikkun Olam Ventures (TOV) and AEVP Strategic Partnerships and Global Programs, Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) ‘Expectations vs reality: the long journey of setting up TOV – the first Israeli market-based development project in rural Africa’.

Dr. Ram Fishman, Dept. of public policy, Tel- Aviv University. Director of the Nitsan lab for sustainable development, ‘Overcoming Barriers to Technology Adoption in Low Income Populations: the TAU-TAta Trust program in India’.


Carolina Barreto, Beyond the Grid Advisor, Kenya, Power Africa Transactions & Reform Program

Solar Innovation and Investment Trends

Chair: Shirley Sheffer, Capital Nature

Kenneth Frey, Sales Director Europe – PV Inverter, Huawei

Petr Míkovec, Managing Director, INVEN CAPITAL, VC fund, ‘Investing in Smart Energy Startups in Europe’

Dr. Gidon Fridman, Ministry of Energy

Avishai Drori, CEO, Solaround

Ofer Sadka, CEO, Solview

Assaf Friedler, CEO, BladeRanger

16:30 – 17:30

Decentralized Energy and Off-Grid Electrification in Africa: Opportunities for Israeli Players and Advice by Power Africa Experts

Chair Ron Adam, MFA

Andrew Herscowitz, Power Africa’s Coordinator

David Mpundu, USAID Zambia

Emmanuel Moteng, USAID West Africa

Samson Atsbha, USAID Ethiopia

Yossi Abramovitch, President, EnergiaGlobal

The Evolving Energy Cloud – Industry Disruption With New Playground, Players, and Business Models

Chair: Elad Shaviv, NatiKtech

Ragnvald Naero, CEO, Scandinavian Smart Energy Network

Richard Adams, Director of Innovation, NREL

Ted Burhans, Director Emerging Technology and Innovations, Tucson Electric Power

Emek Sadot, CEO, FSIGHT

17:30 – 18:00

Coffee Break at the Exhibition

18:00 – 20:15

ENERGYVEST Israel’s Best Clean Energy Startups Pitching to Investors

CoHosted By Capital Nature & Newtech (Ministry of Economy) and Israel’s Export Institute

Moderator: Moran Buganim Gold, Ministry of Economy

Greeting & Opening words: 

Oded Distel, Director, Newtech, Ministry of Economy

 Anat Tsour Segal, CEO, Capital Nature

 Yashar Ben-Mordechai, CEO, BAZAN

Announcing the prize for the winning startup: Noa Aharoni, Cleantech Director, Israeli, Export Institute

Jury Panel:

  • Richard Adams, Director of Innovation, NREL
  • Tracy West, Director of R&D, Southern Company
  • Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation
  • Idan Mor, Investment Director – Ventures, Centrica

The winners of the 2016 EnergyVest sharing their achievements
1st place – Oren Ezer, Founder and CEO, Electreon
2nd place – Yair Teller, Founder, HomeBioGas

Pitches: (Moderated by Noam Ilan & Noa Aharoni)

FSIGHT – Automated AI agent that predicts, optimizes and trades energy produced behind-the-meter.
Nostromo – Ground-breaking Ice TES storage that is cost effective, flexible, and durable.
RayCatch – AI Diagnostics for Solar Energy. analyse existing data to predict profitability.
Solight – Solar lighting that collects sunlight throughout the day and effectively channels it into desired spaces.
Volex – 100% penetration of renewable energy into the power grid.
Augwind – Compressed air storage solution for industrial plants with 1.5-2.5 years payback period.
TruckNet – Cloud based transport optimization. Smart freight exchange to improve efficiency & profitability.
InEnsto – Long shelf-life aluminium-air battery, low manufacturing cost, and negligible environmental impact
MADA – Energy storage AI simulation software to create economic value

For a detailed list of presenting startups please click here

20:30 – 23:00

Gala Evening including Dinner, Entertainment & Awards

(subject to preliminary registration)

Evening Host: Arnon Maoz, Tashtiot Magazine


Announcement of ENERGYVEST winners

At each conference, the event’s steering committee, comprised of 35 members including chief scientists, Israeli government ministries, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the energy field, awards a certificate of recognition, the “Brain Medwed award”, to an organization, company, researcher or individual who has made a significant contribution toward the renewable energy industry’s success, whether nationally or within the Eilat-Eilot region.

This year’s steering committee has decided to award the certificate to these outstanding contributers:
Mr. Russell Robinson, CEO, KKL-JNF USA
Ms. Orit Marom Albeck, attorney and partner at Shibolet INC.
Solar Edge founding partners: Mr. Guy Sella, Mr. Lior Handelsman, Mr. Yoav Galin, Mr. Meir Adest, Mr. Amir Fishelov.

Tuesday December 4th

9:00 – 10:15

Plenary- Keynote Speakers: Beyond Technology – New Models for Making the World a Better Place


Chair: Maya Jacobs, CEO, Zalul

Todd Brady, Director, Global Public Affairs and Sustainability, Intel

Dr. Giovanni De Santi, Directorate of Sustainable Resources, European Commission

Sebnem Rusitschka, Co-Founder & CEO of Freeelio, ” -Tokenized Investment, Business and Operation Model for Off-Grid Electrification”


Aharon Aharon, CEO, Israeli Innovation Authority – ‘Israel – From a Startup Nation to a Global Beta Site?’

10:15 – 10:45

Coffee Break & Visit the Exhibition


10:45 – 12:00

Patient Capital for the Scaling Up and Commercialization Stages of Innovative Technologies

Chair: Gil Shaki, Israel Innovation Authority

Alessandro Steffanoni, Senior Corporate Banker Energy. INTESA SAOPAOLO

Peter Thorlacius Bondrop, Lead Associate at Ørsted Ventures.

Leehe SkulerDeloitte

Avi Brenmiller, CEO, Brenmiller Energy 

Noam Ilan, Capital-Nature

Oren Ezer, CEO, Electreon

Renewable Energy Business Opportunities, Trends and Technologies

Chair: Yuval Zohar, PUA

Dr. Lars Podlowski, Technical Services & R&D Manager, PIBerlin AG.

Benjamin Attia, Green Tech Media Research

Moshe Gabay, Enlight

Derek Grassman, CEO & Founder, Kohilo Wind

Yuval Zohar, 200 Megawatt PV project in Dimona, ‘The Next Big Solar Opportunity’.

11:30 – 12:30
Roundtable Forum With Power-Africa, for Israeli companies operating in Africa
Hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Israel NewTech & the Israeli Export Institute
By Invitation Only

12:00 – 13:00

Harnessing Innovation to Advance Energy Infrastructure

Chair: Limor Nakar Vincent, BIRD Foundation

Tracy West, Director of R&D, Southern Company

Reiko Kerr, Sr. AGM Power Systems, The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Shahar Levi, Co Founder & CEO, NortecView

Yogev Katzir, CEO, Infalab

Elhai Farkash, CEO, Lightapp

Blockchain and Solar Energy

Chair: Adv Shaul Aderet, Partner, Shibolet & co.

Adv Shaul Aderet, “Introduction to Blockchain and the Current Status of Blockchain Markets”

Sebnem Rusitschka, Co-Founder & CEO of Freeelio, Founding Member of ElectraSeed& The German Blockchain Association, “Cryptocommodities-How Token-based Finance and Business Models accelerate Decentralized Energy“

François Sonnet, ElectriCChain Co-Founder, “One Megawatt Hour One SolarCoin”

13:00 – 14:15

Lunch & Visit the Exhibition


14:15 – 15:30

Smart Cities 

Chair: Assaf Admon, Eilat Municipality Environmental Unit

Alain Chateau, Head of the Center of Excellence, Deputy Director General of Economy, Innovation, Employment and International, Nice

Alanus von Radecki, Head of Urban Governance Innovation, Fraunhofer

Uriel Babczyk-Director of Sustainable Building & Planning, Tel-Aviv Yaffo Municipality

Naomi Weiner, Interim Director, Business Development, Tech Parks Arizona

Latest Developments in Hydrogen Storage

Chair: Dr Zvi Tamari, Ministry of Energy

Gil Shavit, Chairman, Gencell

Igal Klien, TEPS

Lior Elbaz, IFCC

Asa Ziv, CEO, NrgStorEdge

Miriam Rafailovich, Distinguished Professor, Department of Materials Science SUNY at Stony Brook, NY

15:30 – 16:45

The Future of EV Charging

Chair: Noam Ilan, Capital Nature

Dr Zvi Tamari, Ministry of Energy, ‘Israeli Government Charging Stations Tenders’

Oren Ezer, CEO, Electreon

Ilan Ben David, CEO, Chacratec

Doron Frenkel, CEO, DRIIVZ

Dror Bar-Lev, XCharge

Jonathan Robinson, Principal Consultant, Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan

Eitan Parnass, Green Energy Association of Israel

Israeli Energy Storage Research – Leading the World

Chair: Dr. Ela Strauss, Science Ministry

Prof. Doron Orbach, Bar Ilan University, ‘Frontiers in development of power sources for electro-mobility and electrochemical devices for large energy storage’.

Dan Schneier, Tel Aviv University ‘Next Generation 3D Silicon Anodes in High-Energy Lithium Batteries for Long Range Electric Vehicles’

Prof. Alex Schechter, Ariel University, ‘Advance approaches for design of materials and devices in energy conversion and storage’.

Dr. Moshiel Biton, Co-Founder & CEO, Addionics. ’Accelerating the Auto Industry in the Era of Electric Vehicles’.

16:45 – 17:30

The Solar Cocktail and Business Card Swap
Hosted by the Renewable Energy Association of Israel
Location TBA