Round Tables

Conversation has always been the best tool for advancing solutions

Express your views in an open discussion.

Opportunity to achieve practical results.

All sectors get a seat and a voice at the table.

This year, we have decided to conduct our conference in a round-tables format. 

We believe bringing the main people from all relevant sectors – government, industry, business fiances and NGO’s around the table – is what the market needs right now for a significant leap forward.

Together we will discuss, examine and set goals towards a decarbonized future.

We will hold 8 tables sessions with the most acute pillars for creating change. You are welcome to find the topics where you can contribute most. 

Table Topics

Target of 30% renewable energy until 2030: challenges and opportunities in electricity transmission, division, storage and management infrastructures.

If and how energy storage drives us towards 100% renewable energy and zero carbon emissions.

Electrification of transportation in Israel: the move which completes the renewable energy revolution. Leveraging Israel’s small size and its superpower capabilities with smart transport towards 100% electrical transport.

Innovation: turning Israel into a window display for the world vis-à-vis full commercial implementation of innovative technologies in the field of clean energy infrastructures and electrical transportation.

Resilient cities, energy communities and energy security in emergency scenarios today, as a basis for smart infrastructure for the cities of the future.

Financial leveraging of energy companies and technological innovation via the stock exchange, encouraging investment, and attracting institutional organizations to invest in Israeli cleantech.

Hydrogen as an alternative to oil/energy sources: the hydrogen based economy (including linkage between energy production and renewable energy sources and storage).

Impact investments in Israel: not donating but investing! The funding model which yields social and environmental capital together with financial profits: how does Israel become a significant world player?