Round Tables

Conversation is the best tool for advancing solutions

Express your views in an open discussion.

Opportunity to achieve practical results.

All sectors get a seat and a voice at the table.

This year, we have decided to conduct our conference in a round-tables format. 

We believe bringing the main people from all relevant sectors – government, industry, business fiances and NGO’s around the table – is what the market needs right now for a significant leap forward.

Together we will discuss, examine and set goals towards a decarbonized future.

We will hold 8 tables sessions with the most acute pillars for creating change. You are welcome to find the topics where you can contribute most. 

Our steering committee is happy to invite you to join our table as a panelist.

Table Topics

30% RE Target for Israel 2030

Chair: Yuval Zohar, Director of Policy Planning and Emergencies, Ministry of Electricity & Eitan Parnas, Founder & Director of the Green Energy Association of Israel

Distribution and transmission infrastructure, storage, decentralized management, solar roofs on shared buildings, dual-use land and agrvoltaic, regulation, smart grids, macrogrids, diversity of production sources, energy-zero buildings, holistic local infrastructure management.

Grid and RE issues on the way to 100% electric mobility

Chair: Noam Ilan, CTO at Electreon wirless

Readiness of the electrical grid in Israel and globally for the EV revolution, methods and technologies for reducing the EV load on the electrical grid, using renewable energy for charging electrical transportation

Innovation Engines for Climetech

Chair: Elad Shaviv, CEO of Israel's smart energy association & Tzvia Baron, Director of Innovation at the Israeli Electric Company

Smart management of energy infrastructure, innovative economic models, how to encourage and produce innovation, how to bring innovation to large organizations, cyber and network protection, academic commercialization.

Energy Resilience and Future Cities

Chair: Jonathan Haran, CEO and founder of The Sustainable Group & Elad Topel, Eilat smart citiy project manager

Different ways for smart management of energy in cities for the purpose of building urban resilience. Combination Residents as active economic players in the urban energy economy, how climate change affects energy supply and demand for energy in cities, service reliability and emergency risk management, for energy efficiency in urban infrastructure planning.

Hydrogen Economy

Chair: Dr. Gideon Fridman, Chief scientist at ministry of energy & Yael Barash Harman, Ministy of energy

Hydrogen as an alternative to oil/energy sources: the hydrogen based economy, technologies, market adaptation, dealing with a cheap energy economy, solutions and various pilots.

The Energy Storage Revolution

Chair: Limor Nakar-Vincent, Deputy Executive Director of Business Development & BIRD Energyת BIRD Foundation

Storage as a replacement / postponement of upgrade of transmission infrastructure, network storage services, decentralization of storage among end consumers, circular economy of storage, innovative technologies.

Investment in the Renewable Energy, New Trends in Climate Tech Finance

Chair: Leehe Skuler, Co-Founder & Executive Director at the Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA)

New trends for clean investment, and diversion of investments, Climate-financing challenges and gaps.

From Glasgow to Tel Aviv - The Capital Market Addressing Climate Change's Challenges And Opportunities

Chair: Noga Levtzion Nadan, Managing Partner at Value^2 Responsible Investment Fund CEO and Founder of Greeneye ESG

How to motivate a transition economy in fuels for clean energy. IPO's of clean energy companies on the Israeli stock exchange and around the world, entry of green dimensions, raising capital, the biggest players in the market, business models of renewable energy companies in the next decade, electricity trading market, green bonds, banks as a key player to promote industry and businesses that do not endanger the environment.

Renewable energy certificates purchasing in Israel

Chair: Jared Braslawsky, Secretary-General of RECS International & Omer Tamir, CEO of EcoTraders