Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference

February 28-29, Eilat, Israel

About Eilat-Eilot

Israel's leaders in
renewable energy

Who we are

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy is a public benefit company, owned by the kibbutzim of the Arava, JNF, and local industrial, developmental, and academic entities in Israel. 

The company strives to make the southern Arava region an international center for research, development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. At the same time, the project aims to make the region energy-independent and free from fuel and carbon emissions by the year 2025.

Realizing the vision of Sun Valley in the southern Arava, will help Israel achieve its 2030 renewable energy goals and strengthen Israeli clean technologies all over the world.

Nowadays we are producing 100% of the daytime energy demand in Eilat and in the Arava region and by 2025 we hope to produce renewables 24/7 (with the help of storage).

We are operating a technology incubator and venture capital firm – “Capital Nature”. We are creating new jobs among them: researchers, engineers, teachers and more. 

The Renewable Energy Initiative is implementing this goal in cooperation with two local authorities – the municipality of Eilat, the Eilot Regional Council as well as with several government ministries.

Our Achievements:

Electricity Generation

Eilat-Eilot established a decentralized local power station from renewable energy. At present 16 solar plants supply 100% of the electricity needs of Eilat and the Arava region.

Keilot Kenya

Eilat-Eilot established the Israeli “Keilot” (Kenya-Eilot) company which sells off-grid sustainable technologies that improve the lives of Kenyan farmers in the fields of energy, electricity and water. The companies which have so far entered the activity portfolio are Homebiogas- cooking gas from organic waste, Nof – clean water, Solav – solar water heating and Hilico –rainwater collection system. We are working towards establishing a development center in the Arava which will provide the technological response to new needs we find among Kenyan farmers at locally-affordable prices.

Educational Training Center

Eilat-Eilot establishment a national and international educational and training center. The center offers a unique learning experience and exposes students to renewable energy.

Eilat-Eilot also established the annual SUSTAINERGY– youth international conference and competition for driving excellence in students.

Technology Incubator

Eilat-Eilot established the ‘Capital Nature’ technology incubator, creating innovation and new jobs in the fields of cleantech and renewable energy. The shareholders are: The Israel Chief Scientist, Rafael, Elbit, Finance Investments, Ben Gurion University etc.

Eilat a smart city

The Green Neighborhood Program will reduce energy consumption and upgrade existing infrastructure. For example, waste disposal, communications, lighting, education and energy management. Also a 30MW rooftop solar initiative owned by the citizens. The city also replaced all the street lamps with smart lights.