Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference

February 28-29, Eilat, Israel

Carbon Neutral

Our unique package will off-set the conference carbon emissions

Want to be part of the offset?

Carbon offset certificate are available for purchase for $6 per ton of carbon.

Certificates will be issued by Oporto Carbon company and are recognized for ESG reports.

We will also make sure to advertise your participation in the carbon offset in the conference publications.

For more information and to purchase carbon offset packages, please contact Naama [email protected]

How is the carbon off-set achieved?

By partnering with Oporto Carbon, Eilat-Eilot and Oporto Carbon are zeroing the carbon emissions of Eilat-Eilot 2023.

To produce a zero-carbon conference, we calculated the total carbon emissions of the conference: food consumption, electricity, transportation, and more.

View our calculations ⇨

Total carbon emissions from the event: 400 tons.

Oporto Carbon company are leaders in the development of low-carbon economy projects. The company has a proven track record and expertise in the development, production and commercialization of greenhouse gas reduction rights.

Oporto Carbon provides consulting services to organizations that wish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions they produce. Furthermore, it generates a flow benefit through the financing of greenhouse gas reduction projects.

To learn more visit Oporto Carbon website: