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Eilat Eilot


Innovation for
decarbonized economy

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2021 Conference Summary


We are excited to say that the time has come and the Eilat-Eilot conference is back!

The implications of the global economy for climate change can no longer be ignored. Disasters do not differentiate between the Western world and the developing world. We all pay the price, and it is going to get higher.

Now is the time, more than ever, to push forward with all our might to create new partnerships, to uncover innovation, to encourage bold policies and to implement all of these ASAP. It is crucial to achieve the Israeli government target of 30% renewable energies and make this target a reality by 2030.

This goal goes hand in hand with the global process of transitioning to a low-carbon economy which requires decentralized and diversified sources of energy production for electricity, transportation and industry.

To succeed, this process must involve leading players from the worlds of finance, industry, technology and government.

Please join us to share your ideas and be a part of the conversation about our renewable energy future at the upcoming Eilat-Eilot conference.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Dorit and Noam

Special Guests

Mr. Yair Avidan

Israel's Supervisor of Banks

Dr. Alexander Ritschel

Head of Technology, Masdar Clean Energy UAE

H.E. Shaikh Nawaf Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa

Chief Executive Officer, Electricity and Water Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

Mr. Andrea Carignani di Novoli

Minister Counsellor, Head of Research & Innovation Section at the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel

Roundtable Chairpersons

Governmental Support

Our Partners

Innovation for

Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Intiative
Southern Arava, Hevel Eilot, Israel
Phone: +972 8 6371717
Mail: info@eilateilot.org

Noga Levtzion-Nadan

Managing Partner at Value^2 Responsible Investment Fund CEO and Founder of Greeneye ESG

Managing Partner of the Value Squared Responsible Investment Fund and CEO and Founder of Greeneye ESG Ltd. In 2016, Greeneye was awarded the Green Globe award for “ground-breaking advances in the field of responsible investment in Israel”. Noga has more than 18 years of rich experience leading change in Israel’s ESG arena — working with policy-makers, the government, NGOs and the financial and business sectors. Noga is a TEDx speaker and holds a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a BSc from the Technion. Noga is a lecturer at the academic institutions, and has published numerous articles and papers.

Elad Topel

Eilat smart city project manager

Born and raised in Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim. Living today in Eilat with My wife and our three boys. During my second degree, I was part of the creation and establishment of a new village in the Lakhish region for secular and orthodox Jews, the community used environmental planning and practice sustainability to overcome the gaps between the two religion streams. I hold a bachelor degree in Geography, Philosophy and Islam from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an M.Sc degree from the Ben Gurion University and the Arava Institute. After graduation I have been offered a position at the Arava Institute and worked there for 5 years. and later on I was part of the founders of ARAVA Environmental Consulting and Technology Ltd (EC&T). EC&T was the business arm of the Arava institute/ Today ARAVA EC&T is a private company working with local authorities, factories and organizations all over Israel.

Leehe Skuler

Co-Founder & Executive Director at the Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA)

Leehe Skuler is an impact investing professional and consultant for impact ventures, investors, philanthropists, and international organizations in the field. She has set up the Impact Investing Advisory at Deloitte Israel. At Social Finance Israel, she works with Israeli and international agencies and thought leaders, including the World Bank, EU, SNV, the African Development Bank, UNDP, GiZ, and others. She recently co-founded and leads the Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA) which offers a collaboration platform and shared knowledge for all organizations interested in supporting impact tech around the world, and aims to scale impact investing venture capital globally.
Previously, Leehe worked with E+CO – a pioneer impact investment firm which addresses “access to energy” challenges in developing countries. Working from Amsterdam, Ghana and Tanzania. She has a BA in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MPA from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Administration.

Omer Tamir

CEO of EcoTraders

Omer has led EcoTraders for over 15 years, a consultancy in the Energy and Environment sectors.
EcoTraders aids the local industry in achieving emissions reduction, energy efficiency and implementing strategic processes for becoming carbon neutral.
In addition, the company leads long-term national planning processes such as the National Plan for GHG Reductions (2030), a low carbon vision for Israel by 2050, the National Energy Efficiency Plan, etc.
“Climate change poses the greatest challenge for our generation and maybe ever in the age of human kind. Addressing this challenge must include the planning and implementation of a drastic change in our most basic infrastructure, a reform in our western life style, alongside the taking of responsibility by industrial firms on the lifecycle of their merchandise. We in Israel must take our part in this imperative global effort.”

Eitan Parnass

Director General & Founder, Green Energy Association of Israel (GEA-IL) Former Secretary, Global Solar Council (GSC)

Eitan Parnass is the founder & Director General of the Green Energy Association of Israel (formerly REEEAI), the main Renewables & Energy Efficiency advocacy organization in Israel. Established in 2009 by Parnass, GEA-IL is promoting for the past 8 years the implementation of renewable energy electricity production and energy efficiency in Israel, using the professional industry knowledge & skills. One of the main objectives of GEA-IL is providing decision makers the necessary information and tools to achieve national goals and set enabling-policy, to foster green energy sector growth. GEA-IL was involved in the formation of the various renewables & Energy Efficiency regulations, acting for the Israeli green energy industry from the launch of the first Solar PV regulations (2008) and has marked many achievements promoting local Renewables market. In 2017 the Renewable Energy Goals Act was approved by parliament, marking a great achievement for GEA-IL and the Israeli RES industry.
GEA-IL enjoys the recognition of national and local government in Israel and represents the green energy industry at various committees and decision making platforms. The holistic approach to Energy has gained GEA-IL strong bond with the Israeli Energy & Sustainability community, including NGOs, experts, public figures, aside regulators and decision makers.

Parnass is also a public pro-sustainability activist involved in numerous initiatives to promote sustainable economy in Israel and worldwide, including the formation of the Global Solar Council, launched at Paris COP21, where he served as Board Member & Secretary (2015-2017). Parnass has also served as Board Member to various NGOs including the Israel Sustainable Energy Society (ISES), Vice President of GIREC (Israel-Germany Renewable Energy Committee), member to the National Green Growth Round Table and is a notable speaker at the academy, industry, local & international conferences and seminars.

Eitan Parnass was born in Jerusalem (1971), he holds Honours law degree from the University of Warwick UK and LL.m law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Jonathan Haran

CEO and founder of The Sustainable Group

Jonathan Haran is an entrepreneur and expert in Energy, Waste, and Sustainability. Mechanical Eng. with vast hands-on experience in the Process and Energy industries.
Currently serving as Co-founder and Co-CEO of the Sustainable Group, designing and building the first of its kind Self-Sustain Off-Grid neighborhood.
Founder and CEO of Sustainergy: Project management and consulting firm for Waste and Energy; Exclusive distributor of CLESS: 100% Electric waste collection truck.
Former CEO of of Engineers Without Borders Israel. Waste expert for the Arava institute Track II program, Mentor and Academic project adviser.

Noam Ilan

Electreon Wireless - VP business development since 2019. and member of the board of directors 2015.- 2018

Noam co- founded in 2011 Capital Nature, the most successful cleantech investment company in Israel – 4 of the company’s portfolio companies are currently traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange, among them Electreon.
In 2006 Noam was co-founder of the Eilat Eilot renewable energy initiative, one of the founding entities of renewable energy in Israel, promoting renewable energy development and implementation as a regional engine for the southern part of Israel. Noam has been also the founder and co-chair of the Eilat -Eilot renewable energy conference, one the leading cleantech conferences in the world
In 1995 Noam co-founded and was the CEO of Cortext Ltd. one of the first Internet related software companies in Israel
Noam has a BA in business and MA in environmental studies, both from the Tel Aviv university

Elad Shaviv

Executive Director, EnergyCom the Israeli Energy Innovation Community

Mr. Shaviv, serves as the Executive Director of EnergyCom, the National Israeli Energy Innovation Community and chair the global Energy Innovation Business Leaders group. 

Mr. Shaviv is a seasoned business leader with experience in global billion-dollar organizations and in launching growth companies within the Cyber, and Smart Utilities industries. 

Mr. Shaviv is engaged and leading several global research projects in the urban and smart energy domain, consult to companies in building strategic innovative business leadership, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Jared Braslawsky

Executive Director - I-REC Standard Foundation

Jared Braslawsky is a leading expert on the use, implementation, and functionality of attribute tracking systems such as the United States REC, European Guarantee of Origin (GO), and the global International REC Standard. His expertise is used by organizations such as RE100 where he is a member of the Technical Working Group. He has participated in workshops, technical meetings and informational webinars for RE100’s membership (with over 140 corporate renewable electricity consumers). He was a key contributor to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) Scope 2 Guidance document and supported the GHGP in organizing workshops to promote the guidance document when it was completed in 2015.

Jared has played a leading role in the development and growth of the Guarantee of Origin system in Europe through his role as Secretary-General of RECS International. RECS International is a not-for-profit members organization representing more than 120 market players, from electricity generators, traders, wholesalers, and suppliers to consumers. Jared is also the lead organizer and moderator of the REC Market Meeting, an annual two-day event attended by more than 450 participants that focuses solely on the international development and standardization of RECs and other Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) markets. Jared is also the co-founder of the International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard), a not-for-profit organization for energy attribute tracking systems that enables the simplified implementation of reliable, tradable REC systems and national renewable energy markets in adherence with electricity market regulations and best practices worldwide.

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