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We are excited to say, that the time has come and the Eilat-Eilot conference returns.

The implications of the global economy for climate change can no longer be ignored. Disasters do not differentiate between the western world and the developing world. We all pay the price, and that’s just the beginning.

Now is the time, more than ever, to push forward with all our might to create new partnerships, to uncover innovation, to encourage bold policies and to implement all of these in a short timeline. It is crucial to achieve the Israeli government target of 30% renewable energies and make this target a reality by 2030.

This goal goes hand in hand with the global process of transitioning to a low-carbon economy which have decentralized and diversified sources of energy production for electricity, transportation and industry.

This process involves leading players from the worlds of finance, industry, technology and government. We will meet all of them at the upcoming Eilat-Eilot conference.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Dorit and Noam.

Meet the Round-Tables Chairs

Noga Levtzion Nadan

Managing Partner at Value^2 Responsible Investment Fund CEO and Founder of Greeneye ESG

Jonathan Haran

CEO @ The Sustainable Group (Village-in-a-Box)

Leehe Skuler

Co-Founder & Executive Director at the Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA)

Eitan Parnass

Founder & Director of the Green Energy Association of Israel

Limor Nakar-Vincent

Deputy Executive Director at the BIRD Foundation

Omer Tamir

CEO of EcoTraders

Yuval Zohar

Director of Policy Planning and Emergencies, Ministry of Electricity

Dr. Yael Barash Harman

Ministy of energy

Tzvia Baron

Director of Innovation at the Israeli Electric Company

Jared Braslawsky

Managing Director, I-REC Standard Foundation

2018 Conference Summery

Our Partners

The event is also partnered with EnergyCom.IL Israel's energy innovation community

EnergyCom.IL was established to create a dynamic community that will be a focus for all stakeholders from Israel and abroad that will create an innovation environment in the various energy sectors in Israel.

Innovation for

Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Intiative
Southern Arava, Hevel Eilot, Israel
Phone: +972 8 6371717
Mail: info@eilateilot.org

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