2021 - Program

Wednesday December 15th


A tour and launch event of the innovative storage site of ‘Augwind’ compressed air technology in Kibbutz Yahel.

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Refreshments and Registration

Lobby, Dan Eilat Hotel



13:45 – 15:00

Opening Session


  • Dorit Banet, CEO, Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative
  • The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Isaac Herzog (Recorded Greeting)
  • Minister of Energy, Ms. Karine Elharrar
  • Eilat City Mayor, Mr. Eli lankri
  • Head of Eilot Regional Council, Dr. Hanan Ginat
  • Khaled Yaousif Al-Jalahma, Bahrain Ambassador to Israel
  • HE Eng. Fatima Mohammed Khalifa Alfoora Alshamsi, Energy Policy Executive Director, UE Department of Energy

Keynote speakers:

  • Yaki Noyman, CEO, Doral Energy
  • Holger Grau, Solution Sales Director DACH, Scandinavia, Israel I German Solar Inverter Business Dept [Enterprise BG]

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15:00 – 15:15

Coffee Break


15:15 – 16:00

Session: From Statements to Implementation – Achieving 30% Renewables by 2030


  • Director General of the Israeli Energy Ministry, Lior Shilat
  • Director General of the Ministry of Enviroment, Ms. Galit Cohen
  • Acting Chairman of The Israel Electricity Authority, Mr. Yoav Katsavoy
  • H.E. Shaikh Nawaf Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer, Electricity and Water Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain 

16:00 – 17:00
Side Event by Invite Only

Women in Energy

Meeting with the Minister of Energy of Israel, Ms. Karin Elharar, to discuss the future of the energy economy in Israel and the advancement of women in it.

15:30 – 16:45

Tracking, Carbon Offset & IRECs – can Israel embrace CO2 economy mechanisms?

Chair: Omer Tamir CEO at EcoTraders

Speakers & Topics:

Claiming renewable energy usage, the use of I-RECs and the future of carbon border taxes
Jared Braslawsky
, Executive Director – I-REC Standard Foundation

I-RECs in Israel, development and local challenges
Eitan Parnas, Founder & Director of the Green Energy Association of Israel

Announcing Ministry of Energy Green Energy Companies Registry
Yehezkel Lifshitz, Deputy Director General for Infrastructure at Israel’s Energy Ministry

Can We Improve Carbon Offset Mechanisms, How?
Galit Kenigsberg
, Green Business Development

The Transition to a Carbon-Zero Economy in the World, in Israel and Eilat – How We Can Do It

A One-on-One Discussion
Adv Orly Aharoni interviews Supervisor of Banks Mr. Yair Avidan – The role of financial regulation in the transition to a decarbonized economy.

The path forward to a low-carbon economy in Israel
Chen Herzog, Chief Economist and partner at BDO Israel.
Dr. Arik Rivkin, Head of the Circular Economy Department at the Ministry of Economy

The impact of geopolitical conflict on renewable energy transition
Prof. Itai Fishandler, Head of the Geography Department, Hebrew University

Shifting investments from the “yesterday” energies to the future energies
Maya Jacobs– Zalul Environment Association

16:45 – 17:30

Coffee Break


17:30 – 19:30

ENERGYVEST Israel’s Best Clean Energy Startups Pitching to Investors

Event Host: Mr. Gil Shaki Chief Growth Officer, Capital Nature

Opening Statement:
Yinon Elroy, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Economy
Ofir Gomeh, CEO, Capital Nature

Talk by: Hanan Friedman, CEO and Founder of TruckNet, “A Success Story – From an Idea to a Successfully Traded Company”

Presenting Companies:

  • CrystalEN – High Quality Single-Crystal Wafers
  • Standard Carbon – Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Silib – Pure Silicon Anodes for Li-ion Batteries
  • RoadSense – Aggregating Data From Public Spaces
  • Make My Day – Smart Route Planning
  • Luminescent – We are 24/7/365 solar electricity
  • StructurePal – Enabling concrete reduction in construction
  • ReFresh – Turning Textile Waste Into a Profitable Business
  • Criaterra – re-engineer the way construction materials are manufactured
  • Brightmerge – Data-driven platform for optimizing microgrids

Judging Panel:

  • Ofir Gomeh, Capital Nature CEO
  • Dr. Gideon Friedmann, Chief Scientist at the Israel Ministry of Energy
  • Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, BIRD Foundation
  • Galit Ofer, Partner at Shibolet & Co.
  • Hila Lipman, Manager, Cleantech & Smart Infrastructure Sector at The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute
  • Yifat Alon Perel, Director of Blue and White Administration, Ministry of Economy
  • Noam Ilan, CTO Electreon Wireless


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Energy Fiesta
at Dan Hotel Upper Deck

“TED” talk by Gilad Yavetz, CEO at Enlight

Announcement of the winners of the EnergyVest competition

Awarding certificates of appreciation to:

  • Dr. Or Yogev, CEO and founder of ‘Augwind’.
  • Dr. Orly Ronen, manager of the laboratory for Innovation & Urban Sustainability at Porter School, University of Tel-Aviv
  • Mr. Noam Ilan, co-founder of Eilat-Eilot and CTO of ‘Electreon Wireless’
  • Dr. Eitan Yudilevich and Ms. Limor Nakar-Vincent, BIRD Foundation

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Thursday December 16th / Roundtables

9:00 – 10:30

30% RE Target for Israel 2030

Chair: Yuval Zohar, Director of Policy Planning and Emergencies, Israeli Electricity Authority & Eitan Parnas, Founder & Director of the Green Energy Association of Israel

Opening Statements:

  • Anna Shpitsberg, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Transformation at U.S. Department of State
  • Ayalon Vaniche, CEO of EDF Renewables Israel, Solar and Wind Energy


  • Tal Mund, CEO at Blenergy
  • Oz Levy, Israel Energy Authority
  • Shimon Fisher (Shiki), Acting Senior Vice President Planning and Technology Development and Head of Power Grid Division at Israel Electric Corporation
  • Dorit Hochner, Israel Ministry of Energy
  • Yael Cohen Paran, Executive Director – the Israel Energy Forum
  • Nir Gordon, CEO at GYN Energy

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Hydrogen Economy

Chair: Dr. Gideon Friedmann, Energy Ministry Chief Scientist & Dr. Yael Barash Harman from the Ministry of Energy


  • Shlomi Bason, Senior VP of Bazan Group Ltd
  • Gil Shavit, Co-founder at Gencel Energy
  • Shelli Zargary, Marketing Content and Strategy Manager at GenCell Energy
  • Dr. Amichai Baram, Vice President of operations at Sonol
  • Yossi Arie, CEO of the Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment (IIEE)
  • Dr. Lior Elbaz, Head of Chemistry Department at Bar-Ilan University
  • Amir Zalzberg, Head of Transportation and Fuel Department at Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Amos Kamhine, Senior Administrator, Engineering and Standardization at Israel Ministry of Energy

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10:30 – 11:00

Coffee Break


11:00 – 12:30

The Energy Storage Revolution

Chair: Limor Nakar-Vincent, Deputy Executive Director of Business Development & BIRD Energy, BIRD Foundation

Table topics:

  • Current and future deployments of energy storage technologies
  • Policy drivers impacting the future of energy storage
  • Developing business models to recover investment in next-generation energy storage systems
  • Using energy storage to meet peak power demands
  • Boosting industry acceptance and enabling the next generation of energy storage systems in Israel

Opening Statements:

  • Yossi Elia, Engineering Manager of Energy Storage Systems at Ormat Technologies
  • Dr. Or Yogev, Augwind


  • Avi Brenmiller, President & CEO of Brenmiller Energy
  • Dr. Daniel J. Blumenthal, Attaché, U.S. Embassy, Jerusalem Department of Energy
  • Gil Yehuda, Manager of Transmition System Development, Reliability & High Voltage Equipment and Statutory Planning Sec.
  • Yael Cohen Paran, Chair of the Israeli Energy Forum
  • Dr. Yael Barash Harman, Israel Ministry of Energy
  • Yaki Noyman, CEO at Dorel Renewable Energy
  • Oz Levy, Regulation Department at the Israeli Electricity Authority 

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New Trends in Climate Tech Investments

Chairs: Gil Shaki, Chief Growth Officer, Capital Nature & Leehe Skuler, Co-Founder & Executive Director at the Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA)

Table topics:

  • Global trends in Climate Tech investments
  • The funding challenges Climate Tech companies face in their long path to commercialization
  • The role of government in encouraging private sector investments and assistance in R&D, demonstration, scaling up and commercialization stages
  • The role of government in connecting ESG / SDG investors with technological companies


  • Anya Eldan, VP, Israel Innovation Authority
  • Itamar Weizman, Partenr at FirstTime VC
  • Eshel Lipman, Co-Founder of Ignite the Spark Community
  • Jesse Teichman, Chevron Technology Ventures Future Energy Fund

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12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 15:00

The Way to 100% Electric Mobility

Chair: Noam Ilan, VP at Electreon Wireless

Talk by:

  • Dr. Liad Ortar, head of Shibolet ESG, Shibolet counsalting Ltd


  • Boaz Weizer, CEO at Chakratec
  • Oren Ezer, CEO at Electreon Wireless
  • Dr. Dan Weinstock, Energy Consultant
  • Roee Furman, Managing Director, Doral Energy-Tech Ventures
  • Noa Aharoni, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Apollo
  • Shani Mendel – Laufer, Energy Team Leader, Budget Division of the Ministry of Finance

Energy Storage & Resilience in Future Cities

Chair: Jonathan Haran, CEO at The Sustainable Group
& Elad Topel, Eilat Smart City Project Manager

Talk by: 

  • Dr. Alexander Ritschel, Head of Technology, Masdar Clean Energy


  • Uriel Babczyk Director of Sustainable Energy Division at Israel Ministry of Energy
  • Liav Harel, Country Manager at Sympower
  • Hadas Merzel, Owner, ENGIS C&D Ltd
  • Dr. Boaz Keidar, Director of Sustainable Planning and Energy Tel Aviv Municipality
  • Giorgio Bonvicini, Environment & Climate Change, Senior Engineer at RINA Consulting
  • Dr. Ofer Raize, Managing Partner in ADAN Technical & Economical Services.

13:30 – 14:30
Side Event by Invite Only

EnergyComIL Presents: How can the community create an engine of economic growth in the transition to a world of reduced emissions


  • Dorit Banet, CEO of Eilat-Eilat Renewable Energy Initiative
  • Elad Shaviv, Executive Director, EnergyCom the Israeli Energy Innovation Community

15:00 – 16:30

Utilizing Innovation to Foster the Israeli Future Electricity Market

Chair: Elad Shaviv, Executive Director, EnergyCom the Israeli Energy Innovation Community & Zviya Baron, Director of Innovation at the Israeli Electric Company


  • Ofir Gomeh, Capital Nature CEO
  • Dr. Gideon Friedmann, Chief Scientist at the Israel Ministry of Energy
  • Dr. Sarit Brand Klibanski, Israel Ministry of Energy
  • Mr. Andrea Carignani di Novoli, Minister Counsellor, Head of Research & Innovation Section at the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel
  • Dr. Nurit Gal, CEO e-NRGY
  • Alaa fakhuri, Head of Renewable Energy Department in the Electricity Authority
  • Moran Buganim-Gold, Director, Energy and Alternative Fuels, Department Israel NewTech Ministry of Economy
  • Dr. Asnat Mangell, Information Systems and Innovation, IEC – Jerusalem and Negev

From Glasgow to Tel Aviv – The Capital Market Addressing Climate Change’s Challenges And Opportunities

Chair: Noga Levtzion-Nadan, Managing Partner of the Value Squared Responsible Investment Fund and CEO and Founder of Greeneye ESG Ltd. 

Talk by:

  • Stephanie Maier, Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investment at GAM Investments


  • Sharon Alaluf, Head of ESG & Corporate Social Responsibility at Bank Hapoalim
  •  Hanan Friedman, CEO and Founder of TruckNet
  • Galya Levy, Head of International Regulatory Cooperation Senior Legal Consel, Israel Securities Authority
  • Eyal Bigger, Founder of the Good Energies Initiative
  • Noa Pedhatzour, Director of Direct Investment Analysis, Investment Division, Migdal Insurance
  • Avital Yanovsky, Business Development Manager, Phoenix Insurance
  • Gal Tamir, Head of Regulatory Policy, Policy and Strategy Division, Ministry of Environment

15:00 – 16:00
Side Event by Invite Only

Local Authorities as players in Israel’s Energy Market


  • Eli Lankri, Mayor of Eilat
  • Elad Topel, Eilat Smart City Project Manager
  • Moshe Shitrit, Head Of Projects Department at ISRAEL ELECTRIC COPR.
  • Anat Mamluk, CEO of AMAN Energy: Presenting the Arava and Eilat region strategic plan to create an independent grid (Phase A)


Happy Hour

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