Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference

February 28-29, Eilat, Israel


A team of investors compete for a winning technology to become partners in pilot funding

Top pre-screened tech, excellent investment opportunities

Meet a variety of investors with one on-stage pitch

A special clean tech event putting the FUN in FUNDING

Pitch your pilot

The opportunity of a lifetime.
Engage with a variety of investors, both on and off the stage.
Pitch to an audience from the energy tech industry, with representatives from Israel’s largest banks, government offices and academia.

Spark-tank 2024 is putting the FUN in FUNDING

Batteri Company

Won the first place with a smart charging station for electric vehicles. The charging station is  a car charging robot with fast charging, demand management capability, without the need for infrastructure and suitable for parking lots.


Event is in partnership with:

The investing companies:

Competing startups



Fast Sense

Boson Energy


Trigo Solar

Structure Pal

MADA Analytics


The essence of this competition lies in setting up the pilots under favorable conditions, and unlike a regular investor event, it doesn’t have to result in just one winner. The competition is about determining which startup is the best fit for the energy stakeholders/investors to compete for.

The offer and cooperation to carry out the pilot will be open to all participants. However, the final
terms of the agreement will not be published if both the developer and the investor request confidentiality. Nevertheless, project updates will be provided every six months for a total of 24 months from the event.

Entrepreneurs are required to provide a brief background on their company, but the focal point of their pitch should be on the proposed pilot and the relevant parameters, such as cost, return on investment, technological risk, required resources, and potential for scaleup.

The process involves four key steps:

  1. Submission of proposals by entrepreneurs.
  2. Selection of 8 entrepreneurs whose proposals show promise.
  3. Preparation day for the selected entrepreneurs to refine their pitch.
  4. Presentation of their pitches at the main event of Eilat Eilot.

The competition is open to leading individuals in the field of energy from Israel and around the world. These energy stakeholders are primarily interested in pilot-oriented projects.

Absolutely! While priority may be given to entrepreneurs in advanced stages, the competition is open to helping entrepreneurs at every stage. Even if your project is at a low TRL, the organizers will strive to provide additional support.

Yes! The audience will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred technology among the presented pitches.

Yes, the competition is open to participation from non-Israeli companies as well. All eligible entrepreneurs are welcome to submit their proposals.

Photos from EnergyVest 2021 - Eilat Eilot 9th confrence

2021 Contenders


High quality single-crystal wafers. Diamond-based semiconductors are capable of increasing power density as well as create faster, lighter, and simpler devices

Standard Carbon

Carbon capture and storage. Converting CO2 emissions to energy that can be stored and deployed economically anywhere worldwide


Pure silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries. Overcome the Silicon anodes challenge in a simple and scalable process, while maintaining the Silicon advantage


Aggregating data from public spaces, without harming privacy, to enhance the development of smart cities

Make My Day

Smart route planning algorithm for fleet electrification and electric vehicles drivers


We are 24/7/365 solar electricity. A cost-effective “hydro-electric” full baseload, fall dispachable, affordable green energy


Enabling concrete reduction in construction with AI. Automation and optimization for concrete structure design


Turning textile waste Into a profitable business. Closing the loop, recycling and upcycling materials and industrial waste


Re-engineer the way construction materials are manufactured. Fully regenerative building products.


Scaling renewables. Data-driven platform for economic optimizing renewable energy microgrids