Request for round tables presenter participation

The conference will be held in Eilat during 8-9 November 2020. The Conference will revolve around themes related to the field of renewable energy and innovation towards a decarbonized economy.

Round tables Topics

  • Target of 30% renewable energy: challenges and opportunities in electricity transmission, division, storage and management infrastructures.
  • Practical milestones beyond the next stage: 100% renewable energy and zero carbon emissions.
  • Electrification of transportation in Israel: the move which completes the renewable energy revolution. Leveraging Israel’s small size and its superpower capabilities with smart transport towards 100% electrical transport.
  • Innovation: turning Israel into a window display for the world vis-à-vis full commercial implementation of innovative technologies in the field of clean energy infrastructures and electrical transportation.
  • Financial leveraging of energy companies and technological innovation via the stock exchange, encouraging investment, and attracting institutional organizations to invest in Israeli cleantech.
  • Energy security in states of emergency in the era of multiple renewable energy options.
  • Hydrogen as an alternative to oil/energy sources: the hydrogen based economy (including linkage between energy production and renewable energy sources and storage).
  • Impact investments in Israel: not donating but investing! The funding model which yields social and environmental capital together with financial profits: how does Israel become a significant world player?

Guidelines & Instructions

All requests will be reviewed by members of the program committee and assigned to the appropriate session.

Request can only be submitted online via the assigned form. 

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