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We are excited to announce the 6th annual Eilat Eilot Green Energy Conference, which will be held December 7-9, 2014 at the Dan and Herods hotels in Eilat.

This year the conference will be part of the “Energy Week” in Israel, joining other influential events, including the Alternative Fuels conference in Tel Aviv. The week’s activities will culminate in the Eilat conference.

Our leading global event will outline the strategy for moving forward the RE-volution as well as dealing with the opportunities and challenges facing the global Cleantech industry.

We will also highlight the recent achievements by the global clean energy hub of Eilat Eilot including new energy startups and meeting the goal of RE independence based on over 100 MW of solar energy.

Conference topics include:

Storage – The Next Stage in Mass Penetration of RE
Micro and Mini Grid – the Distributed Revolution 
Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Water-Energy Nexus
Regional Development (the Eilat-Eilot RE Model as a Pilot)
Is Smart Grid Management Turning into Reality?
Natural Gas – a Threat or a Bridge Technology?
New Models for Advancing Clean Energy Innovation
Announcing the New Eilat Eilot Off Grid Demo Site for Developing Economies
Oil Alternatives for Transportation – Successes and Lessons Learnt

We hope to see you in Eilat in December!


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