The 9th Eilat-Eilot Summit

December 2020 | Eilat, Israel

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Conference Summery

Keynote Speakers

Aharon Aharon

Israeli Innovation Authority

Tracy West

Director, Research And Development Southern Company

Andrew Herscowitz

Coordinator Power Africa

Frank Armijo

Vice President, Lockheed Martin Energy

Strategic Partner - Power Africa

This year’s conference will be supported by our strategic partner, Power Africa, a U.S. government-led partnership.

Onwards with off-grid

In the up coming conference we will dedicate a full track to the exciting world of bringing innovation to off grid communities in Africa and other markets. We will discuss the challenges in providing energy for basic needs such as lightning, cooking, clean water and irrigation. Top speakers will present potential solutions in the fields of technology, finance, business models as well as social approach to effective implementation.

We will explore the opportunists and changeless of the growing off-grid sector and impact investments in the developing world. The Eilat-Eilot conference will start with a riveting tour in our demonstration hub for off-grid technologies.

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"Eilat-Eilot excels in bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, government officials & NGOs, all committed to diversifying energy sources through the adoption of renewable energy."
Eitan Yudilevich
Executive Director, BIRD Foundation
"Eilat-Eilot is the birthplace of the solar revolution in Israel, which has major ripple effects throughout the developing world. This is Israel's national renewables conference and is always inspiring."
Josef Abramowitz
Energiya Global CEO
"With an entrepreneurial atmosphere Eilat-Eilot Conferences are the ideal meeting place between startups and investors. Bringing Israeli innovation for the international community."
Avi Feldman
Capital Nature CEO

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